Wish Here


Project Type: Interactive installation

Platform: N/A

Date: January 2019

“Wish Here” was an online project to gather, display and analyze the participants’ wishes in an interactive, engaging and artistic way.

Some wish on eyelashes. Some wish on wishbone. Some wish when they blow dandelion’s seeds into the wind. Some wish on rainbows or before blowing birthday candles. There’s usually a pause, that closing of the eyes and the thinking “I wish …”

We must have that wish, that desire in order to make it happen. Wishing makes us want, wanting makes us do. It can be a start, a push in the right direction. We need them to motivate us.

Writing our wish makes it all become real. Our wish becomes our goal, something we can work towards.

“Wish Here” was essentially a website connected to a database to store participants’ entries. Participants will send their wishes via SMS using their phone to a designated number. As they pressed send, their wish took its place on the wishing wall as one of the many bricks. This happened in real-time.