I’m Dana; a dreamer and a perfectionist. I’m an artist, a designer, a programmer. I’m an interactive digital enthusiast interested in the application of immersive technologies in various fields including education and communication. Every project for me is a personal journey. I love colors, it is always the colors that I remember most. It’s my inspiration.

I started painting at an early age. Not content being confined to the canvas, I experimented with other traditional art forms such as collage and mixed medium.

Whilst studying my Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Iran), I became familiar with digital art. This changed my perception of art, and got me excited about the possibilities of the digital world. It was this passion that made me get a Master of Multimedia Design (Sydney) and a Master of Information Technology (Brisbane). I have been working in the digital media profession since.

After several years of working in the industry, I decided to take my passion to the next level – completed a Master of Interactive Media in 2016.

If there is challenge to something you will find me interested.

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